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The principle objective of Kobirate A.Ş. is to fulfill its duties in absolute impartiality, to guide the firms with the rating operations it will perform and to be a pioneer in rating processes in our country in accordance with the Banking Act 5411, the Directives of the BRSB and CMB laying down the rules for Authorization and Operations of Rating Organizations; the generally accepted ethical rules of such international organizations as IOSCO and OECD, the local and social customs, whether written or un written; and the generally accepted ethical customs, without being under any coercion; and in the light of the principles of transparency and equality.


KOBİRATE A.Ş is licensed by the Capital Market Board (CMB) in April 2009 for Corporate Governance Compliance Rating and Credit Rating. With its license for Corporate Governance Compliance Rating, our company conducts ratings for NGO’s and football clubs, alongside companies, whether publicly traded or not.  With the license for Credit Rating, our company determines credit ratings for SME’s, corporate companies, financial institutions and bond issues.


Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) issued first regulation on licensing and activities of rating companies in April 2012. It issued its first regulation on Corporate Governance Principles to be implemented by the banks on 01.11.2006. New provisions were added to this regulation with a regulation on changes, issued on 09.06.2011.


BİST Corporate Governance Index; It was formed by  BIST in August 2007, in order to measure price and returns performances of those companies that have rating grades, determined in accordance with Corporate Governance Principles within the scope of the Communiqué on Capital Market Rating Activities and Principles for Rating Companies.