PERFECTRATE (Kobirate Software System)

Using the Internet and Intranet medium as infrastructure with the help of current technologies, Kobirate software system is divided into 6 main sectors.

  1. Membership System

It requires to be system member to accomplish a transaction in the system. Being the most used system at present, this infrastructure is configured as a system into which the mail addresses of persons are entered as the users’ names.

Application made from an active e-mail address are activated through an authorisation system returning to that mail address again.

The system maintaining its relationship with the individuals by performing this operation with an automatic mail from as is in other operations.

  1. Web Admin System

The Web Admin controls a system by which the site , the main page of the firm which is appearing at the web address is updated dynamically, the logs of visitors of the web address are displayed, various news items are entered and the job applications are monitored.

  1. Powers of the Administrator User

The admin user at the highest level of the system determines the menu systems and powers of all the other users. It ensures the users are identified and all users, member of the system, are organized.

The menus of the system accessible by the users are designed by users’ titles.

As precondition the system requires the following titles:

  1. Admin
  2. System Manager
  3. Company
  4. Web admin

Menus received by users of any title differ from each other. Once users with more or less powers have been created in time, it may direct new menu systems under new titles to them as well.

  1. System Managers

The users having the menu system accessible for all programs used by the users who will perform the credit rating process the main duty of Kobirate system.

Through this system, subprograms by which the operations are to be performed can be accessible and detailed reports of any kind can be obtained.

  1. Intrasystem Communication

All users of the system can communicate with each other on the system. Communication is made not only between the users but also between the system and the users.

The system performs all necessary operations on the Communication module where it is required to transmit to the users.

Also there may be a short cut for operations to be performed in the messages sent by the system on communication. Thus one can perform the required operation with the help of menus while one can accomplish this by clicking a short cut in the system only.

  1. The Operations of Corporate Governance Rating, Credit Rating, Bond Rating

Having summarized above, the system operates on an infrastructure in which the Microsoft technologies are used.

The system operates on the WINDOWS 2019 Server, one of the most reliable operating system at present.

The Kobirate system with the Internet technologies platform services on the Microsoft Internet Information Server.

The program operates on a configuration with the Microsoft .Net technology on the Server side as an infrastructure and with the Javascript codes on the client side.

Also various DLL’s used by the Server

The system provides services on the following addresses directed to the fixed IP assigned by Turkish Telekom:

With a back up, the system operates in a manner connected to the Internet through Router and Firewall, all security measures have been introduced within system, the PORTs used only by the system are available.

The system has been developed in Kobirate’s own environment and no service has been received for security reasons from any hosting firm. A system room is allocated in the firm and the systems are supported by uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and back up systems.

For virus effectiveness, the system is protected with ESET ENDPOINT ANTIVIRUS AND MAIL SECURITY known, used at present.

Both the web server service and mail server service are performed within the structure while MICROSOFT EXCHANGE Technologies perform services.

The system back ups are transmitted by the system in DVDs in daily, weekly, monthly back ups and labelled and kept in safe.

The images of all the systems are transmitted into DVDs since configuration.