Hasan Tüzün

Hasan Tuzun started his banking career as an assistant auditor at Garanti Bankasi. He continued his career various departments at management level, such as training, human resources, and credits departments of the same bank. Hasan Tuzun later participated in the establishment of private bank, in Istanbul, where he initially worked as the vice-president of credit department., and became the the president of the said bank later in his career. Tuzun held various executive positions in credits, financial control, human resources, and marketing departments of the banks taken over by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF). He executed the merge process of those banks on behalf of SDIF, also acting in the executive boards of the banks and their affiliates pursuant to the Banking Law.

Tüzün is the Chairman of Kobirate International Credit Rating and Corporate Governance Services Inc.

Burhan Taştan

Burhan Tastan, the President of Kobirate Inc, started his banking career as an assistant auditor at Garanti Bankasi. He became an auditor in the same bank, where he also served as the manager of various branches besides his managerial position at the marketing department.

In 1995, Tastan moved to the then newly emerging factoring sector. He worked as president and member of executive boards of three different factoring companies between 1995 and 2004.

Burhan Tastan, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, also completed various training seminars on quality management, time management, marketing, performance and productivity during his professional career.

He holds both of the Corporate Governance Rating and the Credit Rating Licenses granted by the CMB.

Can Tekin

Born in Istanbul in 1970, Can Tekin has a degree in Economics from Marmara University.

After completing the post-graduate diploma programme in Financial and Business Economics at University of Essex, Tekin started to work as an assistant auditor in Bank Ekspres, where he also became an authorised assistant auditor and then auditor. He also worked as the branch manager of various branches of Eurobank Tekfen. Can Tekin has Corporate Governance Rating License granted by CMB.

Tekin is currently a member of the executive board of Kobirate.