Privacy Policy

The object of our Privacy Policy is to protect both private and corporate information obtained.

Kobirate International Credit Rating and Corporate Governance Services Inc. gives top priority to save both private and corporate data in electronic environment and physically. To this end necessary precautionary measures are taken.

We, as Kobirate confirm that we shall not share any information provided during credit rating process with the third parties excepting the bodies authorised by law, such as the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and Capital Market Board of Turkey.

The data and information provided by the customer can only be shared publicly by the written permission or request of the customer.

Impersonal information can be used to follow up the use of our website and develop company policies.

Kobirate’s Statement of Ethical Rules comprising Privacy Policy is set and the company confirms to observe those without any exceptions.

All members of Kobirate bear the full responsibility for the implementation of Privacy Rules.